Thursday, 14 May 2015

How To Bring Vintage To Your Wedding

Finding the right vintage look can easily become a hobby you enjoy for life. You may spend several hours each week searching eBay or vintage fayres to find pieces that you like. You and your partner may find the draw of vintage a joint interest that enhances your relationship. Having a joint interest in life certainly does help love blossom. You may both be ready to take the next step in your relationship. Committing your lives to each other is a big step. Now is the time to start considering how you can formally come together in your favorite vintage style.

For those of you keen to keep the vintage gal in you alive, shopping for the right engagement ring can be incredibly challenging. This is the one piece of jewelry that we might be the most reluctant to accept second hand. Fortunately, there are some incredible designers out there. Some produce diamond rings with all the glamor of vintage - just perfect for an engagement. You can find some of those designer engagement rings here or by searching online. If you or your partner prefer to keep the ring a surprise until the proposal, try dropping some hints about the kind of designs that you like.

As avid collectors of all things vintage, you may already have visited one or two vintage festival weddings. These are great for inspiration. Take your time to find the right pieces for your big day. When vintage is such a big part of your life, it's important to incorporate it into your big day. Even if you can’t find the right dress out there, you may find photos or illustrations to allow you to design your own. If handicrafts are not your thing, you can usually find someone keen to take the project on at a local education or community center. You could commission a professional to produce something glamorous enough for a 1940s movie star.

If you have a large social circle from your vintage interests, consider finding a venue for an outdoor wedding. You may also want to celebrate announcing your engagement. You can do this anywhere you like, but some people like to let their family know first. If you are having a big party, you can request that everyone comes in a particular vintage style. You might choose 1940s or 1920s as your theme. It can be great fun putting together the right playlists for music, and finding old recipes for dishes that were popular in that era.

While some people may call it a ‘theme’ wedding, walking up the aisle in vintage clothing is about your lifestyle. You wear your style daily, and you incorporate aspects of a bygone era into your life as much as possible. Don’t settle for second best on this important day, and be sure to hire a great photographer to capture everything. For vintage lovers, the style choices are about beauty, refinement, and elegance. What better day to show it all off than your own wedding day. Congratulations!

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