Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Aut/Win Trendcast 2010 - Exclusive View

Warning - Managing a Vintage Website takes a lot of Hard Work  - Luckily Megan Lee (my WONDERFUL Intern)  is here with me today & the Sun Is a Shining - Megan has photographed loads of Aut/Winter Vintage Newbies to add to the site  - here's a few for you to see exclusively before they hit the site -Art of the Trench is back and Vintage Deli have some gorgeous one off Trend Setter Trenches tucked up their sleeves waiting to pop off the website -

This Late 60s Original Aquascutum Berry Trench is Heavenly and still in amazing condition. Heading to the Deli Website V Soon

Vintage Astraka

Another eye watering artistic and wearable masterpiece is this Vintage Asktraka Faux Faux   & Thick Knit Winter Coat - This one I'm Finding very hard not to keep and may just have to look at it for another week before I send her live. I really have never seen a similar one in all my Vintage Searches. Truely Incredible
And here's a couple treats that have hit the site - The Most Flattering 80s Mac and Classic Camel Cape

Some Sparkles for the outdoor Evening - and my favourite silver slender seductress
This Autumn Maxi is Absolutely Stunning - Fitted to boot and oozing sex appeal - I just wish i was a size 10 :(