Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Get creative with vintage accessories

Vintage clothing comes in a variety of beautiful patterns and fabrics. From delicate floral prints to bold retro patterns, there is something for every outfit! You can use vintage fabrics as accessories and make your outfits show your personal style. Read on to find out how we’d style these two gorgeous dress styles with a few added accessories.

This adorable shift dress is a classic example of 60’s styling. We think it’d look great in a cute pink colour, as softer colours compliment the feminine tailoring of a shift dress. A dress such as this would be perfectly complemented with a simple scarf tied in a large loose pussy bow. Alternatively, you could simply throw on a scarf and wrap it around for instant glamour! Pick a fabric that’s light so that it doesn’t overpower the dress.

Another way to include a scarf is to use it as a head scarf. Now there is a variety of ways to tie a head scarf. If you want to mix up your style, you could use a bandana to tie your hair up in a rockabilly fashion. If you want to go for a blast from a past, trying a 40’s style land girl style with some pinned curls is the way to go. You can also go for the classic Hollywood movie star look, and cover the majority of your hair with a scarf, just leaving a few curls out at the front.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 12.01.05.png

A gorgeous pink satin fabric would look wonderful as a headscarf with the pink shift dress, for a very cute daytime outfit. If you’re still looking for the perfect way to tie your scarf, Retro Chick has a variety of different tutorials on her YouTube channel. We loved the way she used a scarf in her 1940’s tutorial.


Although this dress is simply stunning on its own, you can still accessorise to make your own. You can adjust the hemline on many vintage dresses so they are your perfect length. To draw more attention to your waist, you can use lovely fabrics as a belt to give you an hourglass figure. For a more dreamy outfit, simply tying a light colored organza fabric around the waist with a bow to the front (or the side), leaving some fabric to hang down is perfect.  

If you’re feeling brave, adding a pop of colour adds personality and makes a statement. You may not think of dance fabrics immediately when you come to choose your belt. However, they come in a variety of colours and are often stretchy so you can get a good fit. If you don’t want to tie it, you can use a belt buckle and follow this tutorial to make your own no-sew belt. It’s easy to follow and adapt to your style.

Are you feeling inspired to use fabrics to accessorise your outfits? Don’t be afraid to choose fabrics with patterns and colours and to think outside the box. If you need more inspiration for your outfit choices, try browsing some of our previous spring/summer trends.  

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