Wednesday, 27 July 2011

What A Rental Success!

Our three amazing rental 50s hooped dresses.
They are beautiful!
Saturday, as you all should know by now after copious amounts of us tweeting/blogging/facebooking, was the launch of our stunning new rental range. We brightened up the shop with a lick of paint and a few quirky phoroframes, re-arranged everything to fit in all of our beautiful rental gowns and we even got involved with some baking! We had homemade cupcakes, scones, flapjacks and some yummy bubbly that we had to try and resist the temptation of too much. We managed to get our boutique looking spectacular, if we do say so ourselves, and received some very flattering comments about how great the place was looking. (We were very chuffed!

Vintage Deli's Rental Collection

All in all we had a great turn out and the entire day and night was a complete success! Yay! It was great to see so many people taking an interest in our new collections and supporting us so much! The Team had so much fun getting our hair styled in some stunning vintage ways by Fredz Hairdressers and getting all glammed up in our vintage frocks. It was fantastic to know that all our hard work and planning was worth while when all of our guests showed up.

We had our favourite new toy on hand to document the night too; our new polaroid camera! We had great fun taking pictures of each other and all of our guests. The camera will also be on hand at Jelly Fest where we will be doing a little competition for you all, but we'll tell you about that one later!

So after a fantastic, fun filled evening, we would like to thank everyone who attended our event and supported our new range, it means the world to know we have so many people out there who are enjoying what we do at the moment and there is still so much more to come this summer! Watch out!!

All our love
A very happy and thankful
Vintage Deli Team xx

Friday, 22 July 2011

One Day To Go!!

It's finally here! Tomorrow is the day we've been working towards for the past couple of months and after much planning, organising, selecting and tweaking we think we are all ready for the launch of our rental range!! How blummin exciting! We've even tried our hands at a bit of DIY in the shape of re-painting the shop and adding little bits like our quirky frames to spruce it up. And, if we do say so ourselves, its looking pretty fab! What do you think?

In true vintage style, tomorrow the Vintage Deli team will be donning some gorgeous vintage outfits and having our hair styled to create that perfect vintage atmosphere. (We definitely hope you will all be joining in with the fun by doing the same. Fredz Hairdressers next door will be on hand and more than happy to help create your perfect vintage look! Pop in and see what they can fix up with your barnet!)

Not only are we just launching our rental selection, but we will be introducing you to an exclusive preview of our very exciting re-worked range. All modified and re-worked by our newest intern Sammy

Finally, here is our last sneak peak at another one of our rental gowns. If you want to see more, then you'd better get yourself down to the launch tomorrow! We'd be delighted to see you all!!

Pure Silk Beaded Gown By Theory
See you tomorrow!!
All our love
The Vintage Deli Team xx

Monday, 18 July 2011

Vintage Deli's Best Dressed Diva

Happy Monday vintage lovers!

We hope you enjoyed your weekend, although, sadly here in Burnham we were burdened with rain all weekend. But we didn't let it dampen our spirits and we have another cheeky surprise for you all concerning out upcoming launch party this weekend! 

Yep, we know, another one! So on top of 15% off all sales all day on saturday 23rd, we are also doing a little competition. All day long on the day of the launch, we are inviting you to come in store and dress up in our gorgeous rental gowns and our vintage accessories to try and win the competition. Fredz Hair Salon next door will be opening late for those of you who want to get your hair done in the perfect vintage style. The best dressed vintage lover will be judged on everything, from hair, to dress to accessories, the more vintage the better! But it must all be found in the boutique. And the prize? We will be awarding the winner of the best dressed competition a gift voucher for £30 to be spent at Vintage Deli!! 

You can't miss out! There is going to be so much happening on the day of the launch, you need to get down to our Burnham Market Boutique to be in with the chance for a bargain and, if we do say so ourselves, a fantastically vintage filled fun day!

Here is another one of our stunning rental dresses to get you in the dressing up mood!
1970s Frank Usher Chiffon Tierred Dress

We'll see you at the launch!!!
All our love
The Vintage Deli Team xx

Friday, 15 July 2011

Loving The Stunning Sixties Scene

What a glorious day it is today in sunny Burnham Market! The perfect start to the weekend. 

And is there a better way to ease yourself into it than by relaxing in the garden, at the park or beach with a nice magazine and a cold beverage? We think not! Even though, sadly we can't join you just yet, we have been browsing the glossies and keeping up to date with all the current trends and guess what? Sixties are back on the scene! Where the summer is all about the stunning seventies, we are moving back a decade into the sassy sixties for autumn/winter 11/12. How do we know this? Well we can't go against what fashion bible Vogue say now can we? 

Take your inspiration from fashion icons like Twiggy, Mary Quant and Julie Christie to get that perfect sixties look and be ahead of the game for next season. Come into our Burnham Market Boutique and have a shop around to see what sixties specialities we have. Or if you can't make the trip, then get yourself online to browse our website! We promise there will be a lovely selection of cute shifts, graphic-prints, and gorgeous footwear for you to choose from.

Below you can see the Sixties Jean Paul Gaultier dress on the catwalk against Vintage Deli's 60s style Maude Jackson printed shift.

Sixties Scene From Vogue
Jean Paul Gaultier
Beautiful bold black, gold and white print shift dress
Maude Jackson
 From Vintage Deli

We think that both of these dresses are gorgeous, but why fantasise about a catwalk dream dress when you can buy it right here!! 

To all of you who have been following our blog lately, we'd like to give you a massive thank you, it's so exciting to know that we have vintage lovers from all over the world keeping an eye on what we do! So to follow on from our last blog, we would like to give you another sneaky peak at another one of our beautiful rental dresses....

Stunning 1930s Black Bead Embellished Duck Egg Blue Empire Dress.
Isn't she a beaut?! We are so excited for this launch, if you want to come, details will be on our Twitter and Facebook pages, so make sure you have a look!

For now, enjoy the sun :)
All our love
The Vintage Deli Team xx

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Get Ready For The Launch!

Good afternoon all! 

It's mid-week so we have decided it's time to update you with our  exciting vintage happenings.

With the Rental Launch party only a week and a half away we're almost there with the organising. We have around fourty glamourous gowns and darling day-dresses that are ready and waiting for you to hire! They can be rented out for three days for 20% of the original retail price. Bargain! If you wish to rent them out for a bit longer don't be shy and talk to us about it, we're pretty nice, honest, and we're sure we'll be able to sort something out!

So if simply telling you about this is getting your vintage juices going, you just wait until you see the dresses! We will be posting some dresses for you to have a sneaky peak at on our facebook and twitter pages, as well as on here! So keep your eyes peeled as we're sure you're going to absoluetly love what you see! We know we do! Oh, and how could we forget?! On the 23rd July, the day of our rental launch, we're having a special offer of 15% off EVERYTHING in store! See, we told you we're nice! So get yourselves down to our Burnham Market Boutique and have a look round before it all goes!
Sneak Peak Number One,
100% silk Angela Holmes
full length 70s Empire Dress.

All our love
The Vintage Deli Team xx

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Creating A Vintage Dream

Sorry to all of you vintage lovers that we haven't blogged for a week or so but we have been super busy organising and planning lots of new things for our new Buy It. Rent It. Re-Work It. sections. So while you have all been chilling at the beach with a Mr Whippy and a bag of greasy chips, we have been all work and (almost) no play here at our Vintage Deli Boutique. All hands have been on deck to plan the official launch party for our rental range, even Barnaby has popped in to help! We have been creating invites, an amazing guest list, selecting our most prestigious gowns and dealing with all of the other niggly bits of planning a party. But things are all coming together and we are on track to have an amazing night! The event will take place on the 23rd July at our Burnham Market Boutique and we are all ridiculously excited. We know this because all we've been doing is run around the shop trying to find something that WE can wear!!

Other than all of the fun of planning an event, we have also found ourselves another new intern! (how lucky are we?!) Her name is Sammy Giles. She has recently graduated from a Fashion Textiles degree at Newport University. She will be specialising in our re-worked section. Turning our not so exciting or over-worn dresses into stunning re-worked vintage dreams. We cannot wait to have her fully on board to shine her creativity all over Vintage Deli.

We hope to see you in the shop soon! 
All our love
An excitable
Vintage Deli Team xxx