Monday, 31 October 2011

A Vintage Halloween

Happy Halloween to all of you vintage lovers out there!

What has everyone got planned for this evening then? Hopefully you all have your pumpkins carved, your sweets stocked up and your creepy decorations at the ready for those spooky trick or treaters that will be appearing at your doors this evening.

But, the question is, have you got your outfits?? Now we know that not everyone likes to wear the fake blood, vampire teeth and ripped shirts, but who's to say you have to? How about halloween inspired colours and textures? Think blacks, think purples, deep reds, any rich, deep colour will work perfectly. Team that with a bit of black lace, leather, velvet or a few sequins and you are on to a winning halloween outfit without the gore!

Here are our spine tingling, top 'unlucky 13' halloween inspired vintage pieces...

1. Blood Red 70s Faux
Snake Skin Shoulder Bag

2. Vintage Laura Ashley
Velvet and Blood Red
Petal Skirt
3. 70s Jean Varon
Lace and Velvet
Empire Dress

4. 50s Swing Dress
 With Piping Detail
5. High Waisted Vintage
Pencil Skirt

6. 60s Deep Plum
Wool Dress
7. Vintage Purple
Paisley Midi

8. 60s Suede
 Waisty Dress
9. Frank Usher Black
 and Electric Blue Sequin Top

10. Navy Lace
Empire Dress
11. 1920s Lace and
Satin Gown

12. Velvet Lace
Strap Stunner
13. 50s Frank Usher
Tulip Hoop Dress

Make sure you're looking your halloween best, because who knows who might be knocking at your door tonight!!

And by the way, we'll be happy to take all of those left over sweets off your hands tomorrow!

All our enchanted love
The Vintage Deli Team xx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Androgynous Beauty

This is boyfriend chic at its best! 

We love the androgynous trend this season. Boyfriend blazers, tuxedos, wide leg trousers matched with crisp white shirts, we just can't get enough of it all! And apparently neither could Katy Perry on last night's XFactor!

We adore how she's glammed this boyish trend up with her pink, vintage inspired hairstyle and stunning pink lipstick combined with her striking dark eyes. She has even thrown in a glitter ball microphone! She couldn't be further from looking masculine while keeping perfectly with the current androgynous trend!

Here at Vintage Deli we have plenty of Vintage beauties that you could choose from to keep up to date with this amazing trend. Like this gorgeous Vintage Tux Suit and Tux Blazer!

Take a look at our website or come and browse our Burnham Market Boutique to see what androgynous gems you might find amongst our collection of blazers, shirts, ties, bow-ties, bowler hats and more!

All our love
The Vintage Deli Team xx

Monday, 10 October 2011

Keeping Cosy At Vintage Deli

So Autumn is now officially upon us and after those glorious few days at the beginning of October we're really feeling the chill. But we're not complaining just yet. Here at Vintage Deli we love the season changes because it can only mean one thing... a whole new wardrobe! We've been finding out our fur coats and our wooly jumpers with much joy. Our Boutique is currently adorned with lots of cosy hats, scarves, gloves and anything snuggly that we think you might enjoy. Our jumper box is overflowing with the chunkiest knits you could image and with a very chilly November on the horizon, we think they're going to be much appreciated. Take a look at our Winter Holidays section of the Vintage Deli Website to see what you can find to keep you warm this winter. Here are just a few of our favourites right now!

Stunning 60s Faux Mink Fur Coat

Absolutely Amazing Arctic Fox Faux Fur Coat

Classic 60s Camel Coat

80s Jean Laurent Jacket

We're working on lots of different projects right now too, that will all be revealed in due course, so keep your eyes peeled for anything new and exciting that we might be doing. 

Stay warm and we hope to see you in our Burnham Market Boutique soon!

All our love
The Vintage Deli Team xx