Tuesday, 2 June 2015

How To Find That Vintage Inspired Look For Your Man This Season

Buying vintage wear can quickly become a hobby you love. You start to have an eye for the quality pieces, and you make the effort to travel to the festivals and markets for a bargain. Buying clothing for guys is never quite as easy. Not all guys follow the same vintage look that you love. But there are some great menswear stores that sell clothes that could compliment your vintage tastes. Here’s what to look for:

Natural fibres - Clothing made of natural fabrics rather than man-made fibres lends itself to any look. Genuine vintage clothing in anything other than a natural material is very hard to find. Cotton and linen wear work very well. There are some great cuts in American made shirts at the moment that could easily look like an homage to vintage men's workwear. There are several stores online specialising in good quality American wear, so have a look to see what might suit your man.

Vintage Jackets - Jackets and coats have become popular again thanks to TV period dramas. There are more and more great cuts for men's jackets and coats. One or two of the department store designers have been exploring forties, fifties and sixties menswear. They've brought some modern twists into traditional menswear. The result is some wonderful, vintage inspired coats, just perfect for complimenting your outfit.

Trousers - Men's trousers were traditionally heavier than they are today. This is mainly because of the material used. If the sixties if your era, you may already have come across some great modern men's linen trousers. Some are reminiscent of what was very popular in Italy during that time. Add a collarless sweater to the outfit and you may have recreated a great look that never should have faded from fashion.

Scarves - Scarves are a huge part of the vintage look whatever era you are fond of. For men, the choices are wool, cotton and silk. Length is key to the various lengths. A long and loose look in wool can be very reminiscent of Tom Baker’s Doctor Who, but also look good for a post-war outfit. Higher quality fabrics can step you back in time to an earlier part of the twentieth century, or to a more lavish seventies look. Some would label these ideas as more retro, but they can work well for those looking for a vintage flavour.

Hats - Guys just love hats. Vintage loving girls love how hats can hide a twenty-first-century hair cut too! If your guy isn’t cut out for the Brylcreem, grab an authentic vintage hat from somewhere like a vintage festival. A vintage cap would top an American shirt off well. Alternatively, try a feather or ribbon dressed Fedora hat.

Whether it’s vintage, retro or just something with a great style, you can find some great menswear to create the look you want. He doesn’t have to be into vintage to look great on your arm, but there are plenty of authentic suppliers around if he’s game. Who knows, buying him some great styles he wouldn’t normally wear could convert him to be a true fan of the vintage look!

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