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Luscious Local Talent AKA Movements

Local Boys 'Movements' have just launched their first album and what a talent they are. 

 Vintage Deli were lucky enough to get them involved in a mini festival bash we put on in the summer.  Movements decided this was to be the venue for their video.  We feel totally honoured to have been a part of it. Plus....what better way to find out all the goss, after a few bevys in a magical setting 
 Our very own Josie Heard gets inquisitive with Sam & Boff! 

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1)   How did the band come together?

Sam - We were asked to do the KLFM life sessions last year as our cover band Whole Lotta Hair but we thought - actually lets do some original stuff. I’ve been writing music for years and everything I write is acoustic so we decided to make an acoustic band.

2)   What has been your fav gig of the summer?

Katy of Vintage Deli’s party! It was sick and the fact that we were doing the music video at the same time was cool.

3.)  And fav gig of all time?

Boff - At the Battle of the Bands final there was a great vibe.

Sam - There was one at The Maids Head in Kings Lynn where everyone was singing along.

4.) Who do you write your music for and what inspires you?

I write it all for me, they are all my problems put into music. If you listen to all the lyric they are depressing as hell. I am inspired by life events, the songs are all about quite significant things in my life. There is a song on there called Dirge which is a song for the dead and it is about my granddad passing away. The last song is about my argument with religion.

Boff - Girls, lots of girls.

5.) Have you got any pre-performance rituals?

Sam - I always take my shoes off, every time. Even if I am doing karaoke or in the studio I take my shoes off!

Boff - Not really, I just do a few warm ups and that is about it.

6.) Who has the worst bad habit and what is it?

Sam - I moan at everybody all the time about getting things right.

Boff - He is a bit of a perfectionist.

7.)Who are you currently ‘overplaying’?

Boff - I am currently overplaying The Reign of Kindo.

8.) Which artist(s) - past or present - most heavily inspires your music?

Sam - It is bit like City and Color I suppose.

Boff - We all listen to different music. If you look at Archie, he listed to Folk and that kind of thing, Joe is into stuff like Bad Company.

9.) Did you always want a career in music?

Both - YES!!

10.) What inspired the name of the band?

My idea was based around the movement in a piece of orchestral music.

11.) Tell me about the new album?

Sam - Its called Floating Circus which is track 7 on the album and the first song I wrote for the band so it made sense for it to be the name of the album.

Boff - There are 14 tracks in total. It is amazing!

12.) What is your fav track on the new album?

Sam - Dirge.

Boff - Yeah, I’d have to say Dirge. It is track 11.

13) Why is that your favorite track?

Sam - for me it is a really personal song, I wrote it about my granddad and has the most heart in it out of the songs. It’s epic as hell.

Boff - For me it is just the best put together song. It all flows. It would be either Dirge or Judgement for me. Judgement is the most different song on the album.

14.) Any other passions besides music?

Not really, no.

15.) Have you any advice for aspiring musicians?

Boff - If you want a nice house and a really comfortable lifestyle - don’t become a musician.

16.) How long has the band been together?

Sam - Nearly a year. Officially I started if on my birthday - 23rd November.

17.) How long did it take you to record the album and did you face any challenges on the way?

Sam - Well we recorded it technically in 5 or 6 days but the studio we were using closed and we had to scrap everything and start again. We had to take all the audio files and redo the whole thing in Boff’s bedroom. So all the mixing and the mastering, programming and well everything, was done at Boff’s home.

Boff - All in all we were working on it for 6 to 7 months.

19.) What genre would you place your music into?

Boff - I think it is a reflection of all out different styles. Sam wrote the entire album, all of the songs and had an idea of how he wanted them to sound. Everyone had their input and you can tell by all of our parts our musical individuality.

Sam - I think what we do next will be a better reflection of us as a band. All of our new stuff we are writing together.

20.) Do you have any style icons?

Sam - My mum once told me that she thought it was endearing that I didnt care what I wear. I didn’t intend to do that,it just happened. When I was at college I used to wear flip flops, socks, flowery shorts, a massive jumper and had bleach blonde hair. I had no fashion sense then and I guess i never really have.

Boff - Will Smith. Everytime - Will Smith.

22.) Have you got a staple item of clothing?

Sam - My necklace - I always wear it. I have a thing about wings.

Boff - My long-johns - especially at this time of year.

23.) Sam - I know you have been involved in a few Vintage Deli would you describe working with the Vintage Deli team?

It is always fun. I always feel like I am really important and really looked after.


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Of course we then had to have another party to launch the album! and i'm sure there's been many more since - book them now guys 

The Vintage Deli Team 

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