Sunday, 29 April 2012

Vintage Deli Love a Collaboration

Photographer - Emma Pull (Twitter)
Stylist - Katy Coe (Twitter & Fbook)
 & Nikki Legg (Twitter)
MUA - Hollie Lewis (Twitter)
Hair - Emily Franks (Twitter)
Model - Chantel Barden (Twitter) with Sandra Reynolds
All clothing can be bought from Vintage Deli -
So we were looking for something a little pretty, a little dark, a little cultured to portray the variations in fashion through the ages & how they blossom through into todays trends. 
All of the outfits in this shoot are VINTAGE - 
The Very Best in Tailored Clothes
They really did know how to make clothes, they had the time & skills to produce works of art & not mass produce copies like today.
Imagination, Design, Time, Effort & Style

On a crappy day in the depth of Norfolk we found the perfect inspiration from the neatly preened gardens to the wild and vocal forests.
We hope you ENJOY


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