Thursday, 7 July 2011

Creating A Vintage Dream

Sorry to all of you vintage lovers that we haven't blogged for a week or so but we have been super busy organising and planning lots of new things for our new Buy It. Rent It. Re-Work It. sections. So while you have all been chilling at the beach with a Mr Whippy and a bag of greasy chips, we have been all work and (almost) no play here at our Vintage Deli Boutique. All hands have been on deck to plan the official launch party for our rental range, even Barnaby has popped in to help! We have been creating invites, an amazing guest list, selecting our most prestigious gowns and dealing with all of the other niggly bits of planning a party. But things are all coming together and we are on track to have an amazing night! The event will take place on the 23rd July at our Burnham Market Boutique and we are all ridiculously excited. We know this because all we've been doing is run around the shop trying to find something that WE can wear!!

Other than all of the fun of planning an event, we have also found ourselves another new intern! (how lucky are we?!) Her name is Sammy Giles. She has recently graduated from a Fashion Textiles degree at Newport University. She will be specialising in our re-worked section. Turning our not so exciting or over-worn dresses into stunning re-worked vintage dreams. We cannot wait to have her fully on board to shine her creativity all over Vintage Deli.

We hope to see you in the shop soon! 
All our love
An excitable
Vintage Deli Team xxx

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