Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Buy It. Rent It. Re-work It.

Hello all! 
We hope you're all enjoying the beginnings of summer! While you have all been sipping on your afternoon teas and licking ice creams at the seaside, we have been super busy, throwing ideas around and coming up with new ways to make shopping at Vintage Deli better for you! 

We came up with the slogan 'Buy It. Rent It. Re-work It.' symbolising the three new areas of Vintage Deli. As always you can fully purchase our Vintage beauties. But we have added a re-worked section; old jeans that we have spruced up and re-worked into summer loving Vintage shorts! These will be in the shop for you to buy very soon! A great idea if we do say so ourselves. 

However we feel that our real achievement of the past month is the launch of our new rental section for the more unique dresses we have. We now have a completely up and running rental service where you can hire out the dress of your dreams for three days, while paying only a fraction of the original price! We have the creme de la creme of true Vintage gowns ready and waiting for you to take them to the biggest events in town. The best part is, you will never be caught dead in the same dress twice again!
We are hoping to soon be adding a rental section to our website to make it that much easier for you. We will be sure to keep you posted on that one. So tell all of your friends about it and come and visit the shop to find out what delights we can show you.

On top of all of our other hard work, we have also managed to put together our second styling post; hoping to help inspire you with many more vintage styling ideas.

Here we have one for the daring! A beautiful 1970s handmade gown that is free flowing, giving you that completely loose, comfortable feeling while looking amazing at the same time. It is bright, fun, vibrant and full to the brim with patterns. Light and soft, perfect for festival fun! We have accessorised it with a chunky turquoise necklace, to emphasise the colours in the material and a floppy green, wide rimmed hat to keep the flowing feel continuing throughout the outfit. Colour clashing is set to be big this summer so be ahead of everyone else with this stunner!

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All our love,
A very busy and excited Vintage Deli Team

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