Tuesday, 17 May 2011

We're Back.... with Barnaby

Hey All
Mass apologies for lack of pretty much anything for the past few months - our new addition Barnaby took a while coming - well basically he wasn't going to come, lazy bones, takes after his mummy when it comes to photographing for the website!!!! and i've had my hands full (of what you don't want to know) for the past few weeks. Now Barnaby has indicated with accidental smiles that he's very keen on the beautiful new dresses that have come to Vintage Deli, we will be back, photographing & updating the Website, Barnaby in Tow!

Just a few days old

With his Grandad

- Day 3 -

Learning how to be a farmer..... and in a few days he will be coming with Mummy to photograph some beautiful dresses!!!! Let's hope he at least likes the colour contrasts... I'll have to make the most of it now before he refuses to come on my fun days out!

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